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SGW Lab is pleased to present new works by Yuta Segawa.    

In this exhibition, Segawa presents new work in which fragments and beer bottle caps that he found between his home and studio are stuck into miniature pots.

When we look at old pottery in museums, every piece reflects the era and locality in which it was made. For example, we can think of the times and cultures when pottery was made with rope patterns and shell marks.  

Segawa says, “My daily life consists of the space between my home and studio, which is about a 10-minute walk. In order to find materials during this 10-minute window that would be able to withstand firing at 1250 degrees, I walked while looking down every day.”  

For craftsmen living in urban areas, materials tend to be far from the site of collection. In this exhibition, you can see Segawa’s commitment to the materials he uses and his attempt to become involved in the regional and epochal characteristics behind it.

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