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Online Exhibition 38
Bird Vase

Statement by Yuta Segawa


Once you get used to wheel throwing, you will be able to finish the work you are making to the proper thickness, with the right amount of force in the right direction, so that the work will not be distorted or shredded in the process. This is the technique of throwing. I work hard every day to become as good at this as possible.


However, clay can also be attractive when it is unexpectedly shredded or distorted. This exhibition is an experimental attempt to remove the stopper from the technique I have acquired through daily training and intuitively move my body, according to my own curiosity, to see how far clay can be distorted or stretched.


Some of the pieces in this exhibition were thrown by feet. I have been making occasional feet throw pieces for over 10 years. This work is a good opportunity for me to go back to my lack of technique and reacquaint myself with clay and the potter‘s wheel.

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