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For this online exhibition I collaborated with London based artist Miyu Kurihara to experiment with painting patterns on my miniature pots.


During the late Ming dynasty (1628-1644) in Jingdezhen, China, a special style of blue and white porcelain was produced. Named shonzui (or xiangrui in Chinese), these pieces were specially commissioned by Japanese tea masters. Traditional Chinese patterns and motifs were painted on Japanese tea ceremony utensils. There must have been something that resonated in the tea masters’ minds for them to be attracted to the aesthetic style of the Chinese artists which were very different from the Japanese. I appreciate their motivation in introducing different styles to create something new.


I not only like the background of shonzui –the tea masters’ willingness to create new things- but the painted patterns and motifs are simply beautiful. Miyu Kurihara handpainted 13 miniature pots in shonzui style combined with her signature geometric patterns.

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