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SGW Lab is pleased to present a selection of works from Yuta Segawa’s new collection.

In 2014, Sotheby’s sold a Ming dynasty ceramic piece called the ‘chicken cup’ for 36 million USD. Last year, a Northern Song dynasty Ru-ware set a record auction price of 38 million USD. Recent growth of wealth in China has attracted interest in old Chinese ceramics.


Yuta spent half a year working at a ceramic studio in Jingdezhen, China. During this time, he became fascinated by Chinese ceramics. He respects old Chinese ceramics and frequently references the styles in his miniature pot making.


‘I’ve always loved Chinese ceramics, especially from the Song dynasty. I frequent the British Museum and V&A to see ceramics from this period. And I am constantly surprised by the creativity. Each and every piece is unique; even if it appears similar, there is a variation in how the handle is attached or there is a slight difference in patterns. This is evidence the potters regularly experimented with forms, textures, and new glaze mixtures. The result of the trials and errors is apparent in the high quality of Song dynasty ceramics.


This exhibition focuses on Yuta Segawa’s favourite Chinese old ceramics, in particular, of Song dynasty pots with handles in black glaze. Having been inspired by these pots and as a mean of further study into the technique, the exhibition showcases 27 experimental pieces, including platinum glazed pots derived from the process of this excersise.

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